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Chattahoochee Run Tennis Ladder


Welcome to the Chattahoochee Run Tennis Ladder! Enjoy yourself and the chance to get to play some good matches with your friends and neighbors! If you would like to join, contact the ladder administrator.

Contact any player you wish to challenge. (No contact info is supplied here to respect privacy. If you need a phone number or email address, contact the ladder administrator.) If you win, then you move up above that person on the ladder. (Don't challenge somebody lower, or you know what might happen!)

Loser of the match must report match scores to the ladder administrator ( Scores are then posted on this site and any necessary adjustments made to the standings.

New players are added to the bottom of the ladder.
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1Rick Menhorn
2Santos Gilarranz
3John Caltabiano
4Jeff Jeremiah
5Paul Norris
6John Stephan
7Jerry Bailey
8Todd Sorenson
9Kevin Castro
10Jim Arsenault
11Tom Brown
12Roy Bryan
13John Lamay
14Ron Anderson
15Ira Robbins
16Todd Renner
17Matt Mruk
18Joel Lowery
19Bob Flynn
20Dan Pittman
21Scott Caltabiano
22Keith Westover
23Bill Siegel
24Rhonda Barron
25Rita Arsenault
26Eric Caltabiano
27Maury Stephan
28Lori Mruk
29Donna Siegel
30Jamie Castro
31Liz Jackson
32Jack Stadelmeier
33Clay Shy
34Steven Neel
35Marc Datelle
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Ladder Administrator